Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Civil War? Insanity

An attorney associated with the Michigan Republican Party said that maybe "...  armed rebellion..."  was justified in light of the Supreme Court ruling upholding Obamacare.
I first heard people talking about a "new Civil War" over a decade ago. I heard it from my father (a WWII veteran) and from a rightward fanatic "Christian." The NRA is wayyyyy beyond the 2nd amendment (secret: it has a dependent introductory clause, shhh, don't mention it). The US had a Congressperson shot in the head and we, as a nation, as a government, didn't even have a discussion about gun laws! Anderson Cooper had on his show a Democrat who compared Tea Party tactics to the early days of Nazi Brown Shirts and said to him, "In the wake of this shooting, isn't it time to tone down the rhetoric." ! Some of those nuts out there with huge gun collections really think there will be chaos in the streets - and soon. They are counting on the police and other authorities to turn their heads, like some New Orleans cops did after Hurricane Katrina. One definition of insanity would be to think that, even if all the "militias", sovereign citizens, and gun-toting religious nuts worked together, they could defeat the United States military and police power! This is why we need to keep a mature adult in the White House! A real Christian gentleman. Barack Obama.