Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Elizabeth Colbert Busch deserved to lose

There is a line of demarcation in American politics. That line separates those who will do ANYTHING, support ANYBODY, believe any thought as long as they are wrapped in the flag and waving a Bible. And on the other side are the majority of the American people. The majority will not win essential elections until it's candidates realize they must stand AGAINST Republicans. Look at how remarkably far Republicans have gone while running on empty - empty of everything except contempt for the rest of the world, a desire to kill, kill, kill, and a compulsion to hand the rest of our wealth to the rich . So why do we have Democratic candidates like Elizabeth Colbert Busch who distance themselves from the signature achievement of the Obama presidency? She thinks Obamacare will be "expensive," implementation will be "extremely problematic," and it needs "an enormous fix." Well, who the hell can we count on to take care of that extreme problem but a Republican!
Democrats as a group are shy, not to say pathetic wimps, about standing up for a cause and standing together for a fight. Democrats as a group are losers. The party must be taken over from the bottom up or else a new party must arise because Republicans rule the world and they know it.