Saturday, September 29, 2012

"TSA All Stop drills are wrong"

I just read about an airport TSA “test” called “All Stop.” A TSA agent yells it out, then all the TSA agents watch and yell at anyone who moves. This was done INSIDE the “secured” area to people who had already “passed” security. Thus, our police-military-security establishment (part of the Military/Industrial Complex) once again proves that comedians are our best truth-speakers. George Carlin said, “All this stuff we do in airports, taking off our shoes, all that, is not done for security. It’s done to show that we (the government) can fuck with you anytime we want to.”
This is a foretaste of what could happen to all of America in the age of terrorism. ALL government security employees, right down to the lowest levels, will have the power of life and death over ALL common citizens. Even volunteer "neighborhood watch" folks, right Travon? It is outrageous and unacceptable. This isn't China, but we're getting closer all the time and the thing that kills me is that the majority of people will accept it out of fear. Fear of all kinds – when in the situation, when thinking about writing a letter to the editor, talking about it to coworkers, etc.
It would be hard to organize, it would be expensive for individuals who participate, but you know I'd love to see this: after the TSA agent ends the "All Stop" drill everyone in the entire airport, passengers and workers, sit down wherever they are and just silently sit there, ignoring all orders to get up and move.
If you think this is a Democratic/Republican Party issue you’re wrong. Neither party will have the nerve to stop this. Only a renewed, reinvigorated, America could stand together and demand an end to the madness. The fact is it only takes one determined individual to create a chaotic, deadly mess. In other words, some terrorism will happen no matter what. But you know, you’re more likely to get bitten by a rattlesnake you’re fucking with than one you leave alone. So, to me, the issue is, “Are we going to continue down the road to constant fear, constant war, constant punishment, constant control, constant surveillance, etc., or can we grow up as a nation to fulfill the destiny best expressed by Thomas Jefferson in the introduction to the Declaration of Independence? Personally, I prefer the pursuit of happiness. It’s my right. 

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