Monday, April 29, 2013

about innocence lost and George W. Bush

Hearing so much said about George W. Bush and his new library brought to mind my song cycle "Contrary." It's about an innocent man falsely accused and imprisoned. I had in mind the Guantanamo prisoners as well as all those falsely imprisoned in America - men, mostly - and men who know the wrong done to them. How the hell can one suppose that a man can emerge from such a trauma and not have revenge on his mind? Isn't that the true reason America still has prisoners in Guantanamo? But should we not fear the reprisals of their friends and families even if we keep them imprisoned until they die? How much deliberate wrongful suffering can be inflicted on innocent people IN OUR NAME before WE THE PEOPLE of the United States put an end to the shame? Our national policy in countries, like Iran and Cuba for instance, is based upon denying to the common people the commerce that we freely bestow upon Red China!! We visit poverty and suffering upon the common people in the expectation that they will rise up against their governments. What a shame on us! We create suffering and condemn those who seek revenge. We should be so lucky as to create men who just want to get away and live their lives, like the hero of "Contrary."
You can hear my homage to George W. Bush here on YouTube.
You can stream the album here for free.

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