Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Independence from the new world corporate order - Free Scotland!

         As the European Union, England, and the corporate giants who are more powerful than countries warn Scotland  to remain in the game, I hope they will vote yes, and become independent. The world needs a major country that is nationalistic for real. Straightaway after WWII the Bretton Woods system began the cascade of treaties that have brought us today to this insane and failing state of capitalism. All the conservatives and fascists who argue that there is any free market stuff going on are full of it. Everything is regulated and the markets are as rigged as a casino - for the benefit of a tiny minority. Wiser countries tax the corporations more than the US and so their majority populations have a few “nice things – “ like public transportation and health care.
         The network of “free trade” and economic stability is exactly what the corporations say is threatened. Think of it this way, if you will:  After decades of consolidation of economic power into fewer and fewer hands, after every step of the way we were assured that the reforms would benefit us, we are now to believe that the system is too fragile to allow one small (only in square kilometers, not in influence) country to drop out and renegotiate it’s economy as its own people decide.


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