Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A new song: WHO LOST CHINA?

Considering the US treatment of tiny Communist Cuba, what can it mean that Nixon went to China?
Considering the US claims that the old USSR and today's Russia are out to take over the world, why did we not and do we not worry about China's world influence and huge military?
I think it was all done to provide cheap labor to "American" corporations and to provide a huge new market for those corporation's goods.
But, a side effect is simply this: Politically the US grows more totalitarian every day, more like China every day. Did you notice that China cracked down on the Hong Kong protestors on the same day that the feds declined to prosecute US police violence and then cracked down hard on the protestors?
Economically, China grows richer every day using State-supported capitalism (fascism)  as the US does. They pour money directly into things; we do it by tax breaks and military incursions.
Our government betrayed us. THEY "lost China." Republicans led the fight; Democrats joined in, the same old pattern of Democratic Party betrayal.

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