Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Can another Bundy break the law and walk away from it?

Political tactical perspectives I would expect in the Oregon standoff:

1. The Federal government can’t let another Bundy break a law and just walk away.
Because No Justice; No Peace
2. If the Bundy Brothers refuse to surrender to any writ or warrant or anything there will be escalation.
Because what can the Fed do? Build a wall around it and let it fester? Hmmm.
3. Escalation will create martyrs and fuel other militias.
Because militias demand utter capitulation from government or, in their minds, they must fight on. Also, because (see number one).

Musing, what if the Bundy Brothers are taken into custody or die in the Oregon standoff? Daddy Bundy has motivation to plan a new battle. It’s not that they could ever win in a battle with a truly motivated Federal government. It’s how big a ruckus they can stir up. If they ask for death forcefully enough the militias might get some.

Chilling thought: What if the Bundy Brothers expect to die and Daddy’s in on it? Revolution seems to be their business. 

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