Sunday, February 28, 2016

Donald Trump proves Gore Vidal right.

Before the rise of Donald Trump I thought the Republican Party was rigged and under the thumb of an elite group. I believed that Al Gore and John Kerry were elected President and the elite Republicans robbed them. I believed George W. Bush was an inevitable candidate. The rise of Trump would have been impossible in such an organized conspiracy. Oh, Gore and Kerry were robbed all right, robbed by officials in states such as Ohio and Florida, robbed by the Supreme Court majority, but no Republican nation-wide conspiracy would have allowed a loose cannon like Trump to emerge. When Trump puts down Bush for allowing 9/11 I sit in amazement that I can actually agree with the man on something. No Republican elite could have allowed such a candidate.
Recently, I watched a documentary in which the late, great man Gore Vidal predicted that we were seeing the downfall of the Republican Party. (Gore Vidal: the United States of Amnesia) He felt that John McCain, Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney were the harbingers of doom. Vidal was always one step ahead of the common politicos, who now say that Trump is the sign of Republican doom. Donald Trump is the proof, not the sign. Who knows how the Grand Old Party can recover? Vidal is gone, but he already made his statement. The GOP can't recover at a national level, but they can still pull the electronic levers in critical states. They can still pull dirty tricks that win close elections. Will they go all out for Trump in the end if he wins the nomination? Won't they have too?
May God and sane Americans overwhelmingly elect the Democratic nominee. May they give us a big majority in Congress. We must leave Donald Trump and the Republicans in the dust bin of history where Gore Vidal knew they were heading.

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