Friday, August 3, 2012

"about Corporatism = Fascism"

I remember as a young teenager wondering how it could be that the Germans allowed Hitler to come to power and then turned their backs and closed their eyes to Nazi atrocities. Then I read a book in which the author ask many Germans that question. The number one answer? "I was afraid I'd lose my job."
The dictionaries I have consulted give rather vague definitions of "fascism," so I stick to Mussolini's one word definition: Corporatism. That's where the US is. We are a corporatist state run by secret-keepers: the CIA, the NSA, and others.
Why it is not clear to most (or at least half) of Americans that their government has been taken from them is because religion has been corrupted by politics. American writer Sinclair Lewis is attributed with a quote along these lines: If fascism comes to America it will come with the US flag in one hand and a cross in the other. We're there, and I fear that a civil war is brewing and only one side is armed to the teeth - the fascists, who , of course, think they are the true patriots.. But it's the governmental power that will win. American "gun nuts" can't defeat the US military, but who will the military support? Will we have the right people in the right places (the Presidency, the Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, etc.) to steer the fight towards justice and freedom? May God grant this or else the whole world, not just America, will suffer more and more.

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