Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"you need to write to the FCC"

My mother just passed away at the age of 89. She worked for "the telephone company" back when it was all AT&T and she belonged to the Communication Workers of America. Here is a link to a video from the CWA about the proposed Verizon/Big Cable Bill:
I filed my comments with the FCC and you can, too. I'll put that link after my comments:

I worked both at a newspaper and in radio in the pre-Reagan years. I was studying hard for a first class broadcasting license when Reagan's policies made it obsolete. I have seen the horrible changes in radio and television news since Reagan did away with the fairness doctrine. I know that Congress sold big broadcasters bandwidths at bargain basement prices. The entire concept in the beginning of broadcasting was that "the airwaves belong to the People" and I argue that the electromagnetic spectrum belongs to the People as well! So, whether it's over-the-air or online or on wires the science that carries the signals belongs to WE the PEOPLE! Stop meddling with our property! Bring back the fairness doctrine so that children can grow up reading and hearing what real news reporting was and should be again! Stop giving welfare to the billionaires! It's ours and you are giving it away. That is NOT capitalism it is CORPORATISM. We need more independent newspapers and television and radio stations and the entire world needs a hands-off internet so we can speak the truth to power. The cozy relationship between the FCC and the billionaires must end! Give the little guy a chance to start a small business and create jobs and stop this ongoing giantism of broadcasting! The merger of XM and Sirius was an outrageous giveaway and both are now the worse for it in the sense of quality. You, the FCC were created for the People, NOT the corporations. Stop selling out our birthright! We want to be free again. Free from your government "control" that is really just a funnel - a giant funnel down which goes OUR money where it rolls and flows into the pockets of Rupert Murdoch and other foreign interests. You are just doing this consolidation stuff so government can get political contributions from the big actors. Stop it! Power, broadcast power, cable power, the airwaves and the electrons belong to us. Stop this governmental welfare system. Our entire democracy rides on your votes!

Ok, bet you can say it better. Here's the link:

Speak up, speak out, while we still can!

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