Saturday, March 23, 2013

I am NOT grist for your mill

So a mother watches her child shot in his stroller. TV cameras show up and she goes on TV to talk about it - within 24 hours of the tragedy!
What the hell! Americans think they are required to talk to reporters just because there is a microphone and/or a camera shoved in front of them. My son died at age 34 and I could no more have  talked about it to a reporter than I could have danced a jig. What's wrong with people? America does not have news; we have entertainment and opinion shows. The "reporters" are vultures and I mean Fox, CNN, NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC (Disney) ... News outlets don't want to spend money on reporting so they chase ambulances. Let's rebel!
Tell 'em to f*** off. Tell them I am not grist for your mill!

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