Saturday, March 23, 2013

of another reason to legalize cannabis

The federal government should treat cannabis like it does alcohol and tobacco because every family in America is at risk. Parents may have never used cannabis, may have been against it all their lives, but somewhere in every family tree is a kid or adult who has or will try it. And they may get arrested that one time they try it. And everyone knows it is not as deadly in its affects as alcohol or tobacco.
I know Republican parents of a pot lover who were appalled at what happened when their son was busted for a pot pipe in the back seat of his car. He got a criminal record and they paid heavy fines or else he would have done jail time. They said, "The government uses it as a way to extort money." Right you are.
The ones in jail for simple possession of pot or paraphernalia are poor kids, mostly non-white kids. Free them! No Gore, no Bush, no Obama child will EVER do time for pot. Nor will a Hilton or a Trump. We all know it.
Forbidding states like Colorado and Washington from legalizing cannabis will be a blatant move to prop up the "private" prison system, to lock up and disenfranchise minorities, to continue the arming of foreign militaries in the name of the "war on drugs." It will fly in the face of logic. It will cost a fortune (already has). And it WILL NOT stop the weed!
It will open the door for the Republicans to use the issue and earn the votes of millions who know that smoking pot is less harmful to self and society than alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. 

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