Thursday, November 7, 2013

one must use one's gut feelings when lies prevail - JFK was killed by the US government

This link to an excellent article says more than I can about the assassination of JFK. I've read the author's book "Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years." The author, David Talbot, is the founder of Salon.
In times and on matters wherein we the people have no access to facts, when government actions become secret, we must turn to our gut feelings. This is dangerous if one has no "feelings" based upon thought and research, if one, in other words is a mere tool of America's media. It also is a difficult thing if one has no guts.
I have read books about the assassinations of the 1960s, mostly the ones that occurred on on American soil. I was 13 when JFK was gunned down. I have talked with many people over the years about JFK in particular and ALL of these people believe the Warren Report was a lie. The people I began talking to were mostly pro-Viet Nam Republicans and later were pro-Reagan Republicans. Our collective gut feeling: the US government was selling us a lie.
The differences come when one asks, "What should we do?" I have always been dismayed by the answers: "There's nothing we can do." "Why does it matter now?"
If a nation can NOT care that its popular leader was gunned down by his own government, then that nation not only suffered a coup d 'etat, it has lost its honor. The military/industrial//intelligence/prison complex has grown exponentially.  It will continue to grow. It has eaten the soul of my country.
There must be an influx of young military veterans who enter politics because they have seen and experienced the waste of blood and money over the last 13 years. The expressed soul of the United States has been transferred to soldiers. There are all kinds of soldiers. Some of them know that to do unto others as you would have them do unto you (see Matthew 7:12) is so wise it could rise above its humble religious beginning, a mere utterance of Jesus, to the highest level of respect, the ultimate object of worship in the United States - military policy.

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