Thursday, June 26, 2014

A rough place on Election Day - a county polling station out West

Two days ago I turned a corner and surprised a man who I instantly saw had a gun holstered on his hip. I was surprised, too, but this is the Four Corners (New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah). To his credit he hardly flinched and to my credit, I instantly smiled and said, “How you doing?” He said something like ‘fine, thanks.’ It didn’t have to end that way did it?
         Even if open carry laws were not a ‘happening thing’ out here, and even though I’ll keep using my parent’s thoughts on a place where people wore guns – “That’s a rough place” – I could see myself becoming accustomed to the occasional sight. I don’t think that’s good for my country.
         The ‘rough place’ where I saw the armed man? Why it was a county building, a polling station, and it was election day.

         The fact that we can’t count on a clear demarcation between the two domineering political parties on this issue is enough for me to end my days of knee-jerk voting for Democrats no matter how bad the Republican opponent is. They must step up now or lose, I say.

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