Monday, June 30, 2014

Smells like ... Lysistrata

A left-wing tea party? You have my attention. This link will take you to a article about such a possibility. In the last paragraph author Elias Isquith states, "If the left is going to have a Tea Party of its own, it’ll have to do it by making its peace with the Democratic Party and supporting grass-roots candidates willing to change it from within." I beg to differ, sir. If the left wing is to have success it must ensure that it is the Democratic Party that must make its peace with the left. They must see that, in order to win elections, they must offer viable solutions to the Republicans and the Tea-Party nuts. This in addition to supporting grass-roots candidates.
I venture to say that the left-wing version of a Tea Party should avoid dressing in goofy costumes and spouting out-dated axioms that most young people won't get the full meaning of. In fact, it wouldn't hurt if the we old geezers button our lips and allow the young to speak more.
Far from shying away from third parties and embracing Democrats as our only hope, we must deny our votes as Lysistrata  denied sex. I certainly oppose the very concept of not voting at all. No, everyone must vote. Never vote Republican; they brought us to the brink of bankruptcy and despair. Do not vote for a Democrat unless you truly agree with them; no more 'oh she's better than...' And, you know, when all else fails and you just can't support any candidate, vote for Mickey Mouse.

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