Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Can't stand any candidate on election day, Dems? Vote for Mickey Mouse.

The dominant political parties of the United States have as a common interest the destruction of third- party organizations. Over the years they have taken actions that have led to the current two-party mess we have today.
Both parties in office have weakened the concept of media responsibility. Remember when a Presidential debate was an event run by The League of Women Voters and covered by the media? Now the candidates are show people in a media event controlled by the two major parties and the entertainment divisions of major networks.
I believe we need a revolution in this country, but I’ve had trouble envisioning the right kind of revolution that could win. Despite the federal government’s back down in the face of armed citizens in Nevada, I don’t agree with all those pro-gun folks who argue that they need weapons to fight  the feds. No violent revolution has a chance here and I don’t see any chance of enough people taking to the streets for the US to have an ‘orange’-style revolution either.
We pretty much just want to vote as our political statement. In fact, I think if we could register every eligible citizen and mobilize them we would show the political parties that, in fact, America is a land of progressives not neo-conservatives. It’s taken me about ten years to come to the conclusion that Ralph Nader was right in 2000 when he said Bush and Gore were “Tweedly Dee and Tweedly Dum,” that the Democratic Party has caved in.
So I’m serious about my backing of Mickey Mouse for President. Whenever I don’t find a candidate I can stomach I’m voting for Mickey. Dog catcher, President, whatever.
If you search online for protest votes, votes for Mickey Mouse and such, you will find a number of names people have voted for, many of them names of Disney characters. I suggest we come together with one name. Remember the news reports – if Ralph Nader had not siphoned votes from Al Gore, Gore would clearly have won. If we all use one name, I foresee a day when Democrats will get the message that, “Had it not been for the Mickey Mouse vote, the Democrats would have won.” Let’s vote for Mickey Mouse when we cast a protest vote.
I don’t expect Republicans to be reading my blog regularly since I am so far to the left, so I don’t think I’m offending anyone when I say that party is all bat-shit crazy. I would like the Mickey Mouse vote to be seen as a protest against a lame Democratic Party, but what if some Republicans join us? Then we have siphoned their vote from some bat-shit crazy Pol. Fine.

But if we can register huge numbers of new voters, out-distancing the Obama campaign’s registration surge and if, in the same election cycle, the Mickey Mouse vote goes up, I think it would be the Dems who get the message as intended. Who would bother to register only to vote for Mickey Mouse? Young people might start the trend.

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