Monday, January 5, 2015

Eli Lilly's troubling "Symptoms of Mania" checklist

I have some pages from an Eli Lilly and Company workbook for mental patients and providers. I don't have all the pages, nor are they in order, but I'll identify the source as best I can. I remember seeing the pages came from the Canadian branch of the company. At the top of the page I read,

"TeamSolutions Workbook 3 Understanding your illness
Session 7 - Symptoms Checklist (Part 2)"

At the bottom of the page I can see the script-style font spelling out "Lilly."
The stated objectives of the worksheets are to:
1. Identify depressed symptoms.  2. Identify manic symptoms.  3. Recognize mixed manic symptoms.

My only problem is with one of the "Symptoms of Mania" number 13. The main learning point of this lesson is that "Symptoms of mania appear when your 'mood thermostat' allows moods to go above the standard range of moods."
Okay, fasten your seat belts, here is a statement of one symptom of mania:

"13. I have my rights and I will stand up for them."

Yes, that is a warning sign of mental illness, my friends. I have my rights and I will stand up for them. So, if you read all my blogs, you will see ample signs that I must not only be mentally ill, I must be dangerously mentally ill, quite probably in need of being locked up!
I imagine that many readers of this blog are also mentally ill by the same standard. Any true red, white, and blue US citizen is mentally ill -  our entire revolution was spawned by sick advice - endowed with God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, indeed! Sicko.
As Americans in general and Democrats in particular focus on who is President, more active politicians (the Republican Party) are busy dismantling far more than the federal government. I worked for a school district that used money intended for students to fight a long, drawn-out lawsuit brought by a teacher at his own expense. The teacher was suing the district for not spending federal dollars on the behalf of English-As-A-Second-Language (ESL) students. He lost his suit. The students lost twice.
There are so many lines of battle in the fight against injustice and yet, I feel most people focus only on one or two big issues. Meanwhile, corporations and their lobbyists chip away on every issue and at ALL levels of government right down to the precinct and school district level. And as we sail on obliviously, even a goddamned pharmaceutical company is establishing the definition of crazy to include standing up for our rights!
To get an even fuller idea of the attack on individual liberty contained in #13, here are the others:
1. I have so much energy.
2. I keep having all these really great ideas.
3. It is fun and powerful to drive fast.
4. Who needs sleep -  not me.
5. I can't focus on anything.
6.Other people can't keep up with me - they get on my nerves.
7. My thoughts are racing through my head so fast I can't keep up with them.
8. I feel very sexy now - I don't want to miss anything good in life.
9. I am too much of a man or woman for just one person.
10. It takes money to make money and I am going to spend and be rich.
11. Who worries about bills coming due -  not me.
12. I have a lot to say and you should listen and benefit.
14. I am applying for more credit cards because mine are at their limit.

I have my rights and I will stand up for them!!

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