Thursday, January 15, 2015

Parody and Contempt

What would happen in the United States if a publication repeatedly drew cartoons of Jesus with the goal of poking fun?  And would it be all the more provoking if the publication were staffed by people of Arab or Persian descent?  Many of our most dangerous gun nuts are "Christians."
It is strange to me that the loudest noise is made when the right of free speech to ridicule is involved, not the right to take to the streets and protest politics. We The Sheep are herded into kennel-like "Free Speech Zones" to keep us from the protective bubble that surrounds that one per cent support groups which comprise our major political parties.
Knowingly provoking resentment and anger in others cannot by its nature lead to positive outcomes. It is a part of free speech, sure, but it's not the part that matters most.

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