Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Al Gore's dismal viewpoint on Bush v Gore

There's nothing like being erratic to lose readers is there? Onward, through the blog...
I just failed to locate the recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine, so I am going to remember quotes as best as I can and I am not going to give footnote info ... why the hell must I be more accountable than NPR or any other "news" outlet in America?
I also failed to locate the quote on Google or the RS website (no, I'm not signed up for all RS archives), so I suspect that the quote did not stir up the blogosphere. Al Gore was responding to the 2000 election - does he regret submitting to the Supreme Court decision that ended the recount?
Al Gore's response as I remember?
No, no regrets. There is no step between ignoring the Supreme Court and armed revolution in our streets.
Beg to differ, Al. Check out Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and the Orange Revolutions. Check out Gandhi in India. Hell, remember Martin Luther King in the U.S.  For that matter tell me what happened to the Cherokees despite Andrew Jackson ignoring the Supreme Court decision forbidding their removal. No Al, there is a step in between bad Supreme Court decisions and armed revolutions. It's called Democracy and it will never come to the USA as long as we continually agonize and spend our money to elect Tweedledum or Tweedly Dee. Ralph Nadar was right about you, too, as you reflected yourself-
I just would have made a different set of mistakes than did George Bush.

I swear to God, when I heard Vice-President Gore respond live to the Bush v Gore decision I thought he was going to say
Am I going to abide by the Supreme Court decision? This is the United States! Of course we the people demand a true vote count and no court is Supreme enough to stop that!

Old men often reflect on the woulda', shoulda', coulda's in life. Al, you should have called us peaceably into the streets. You could have been president. You would have made a bigger mark on history than you ever will with anything else, even climate change.

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