Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Campaign for Liberty, abandon the two-party system

Actually, despite the disparate cast of characters, this blog is similar to yesterday's theme - a moment in history, lost. Al Gore blew it when he kowtowed to the anti-democratic Supreme Court decision known  as Bush V Gore. Today I turn on Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty - really, his son Rand and Ted Cruz. I am not speaking against the Grand Ol' Paul, a man of ernest conviction who knew how to speak truth to power and still remain a gentleman. Nor am I bothering to add my voice to those who point out the snarky, I-wanna-be-a-star attitude of Rand or Ted.
No, my point of view is nothing if not different. I want to shine the spotlight on the mere CONCEPT of the Campaign for Liberty as the compass for the Republican Party. If a stinking, diseased and doomed ship is sinking because of hubris, I say let it sink! There are no innocents left aboard! Those there pose a threat to us all, for God's sake. Don't save that ship; build a new one.
Too late.
Campaign for Liberty has folded it's tent and turned it into a sail for the GOP. You will never convince me that the Republicans will shrink the Military/Industrial/Secrecy Complex. So they will never come up with a solution for our nation's debt nor do the right thing for our troops. They will never stop voter suppression; hell, they depend on it. Ron Paul was an unwavering voice for freedom and peace; the Republican Party openly talks about how they are going to reinvent themselves in order to win. Not to be right, you see, not to support a principle, just to win. The GOP will gladly cut government programs and services, but we will still pay taxes that go to "private" solutions.
The two-party system has sold us out to the highest bidders and now Campaign for Liberty is just another name for Republican. The Supreme Court has sold us out and now the Campaign for Liberty is on board with them.

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