Wednesday, February 27, 2013

of one opportunity the sequester offers

Dear President Obama,
You have bigger fish to fry, I know, but I wish to offer political advise to you and the Vice-President. As I understand it, the sequester requires that 9% be cut from federal programs across the board. So, I propose that you use your power of the pardon to free ALL federal prisoners whose only crime was possession of two or less ounces of cannabis, and that you do all within your powers to restore federal voting rights to all these wronged Americans. Do whatever is within your power to deter further federal money from being spent on cannabis policing and prosecutions both here and abroad. Leave cannabis control to our great laboratory of democracy, the states.
You have the keenest political mind of your generation so I won't go on and on about the plus side or the negative side of doing this. Let me just be a voice for all of us who have broken this law and ask you - How can you ask any family or any individual to be among the last victims of an antiquated and vicious, utterly failed, "drug war?" Of all those who benefited from the lavish funding the "War on Drugs" has provided, no one group reaps more than the Republican Party as a whole, so what a shame it would be to pass by an opportunity to do a moral and just thing only to open a wide door for Republicans to do it.
Sincerely, Larry Burl Dunn

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