Sunday, February 16, 2014

Michael Dunn joins George Zimmerman as harbingers of Wendy Davis' gun-toting America.

So Michael Dunn is not guilty of first degree murder? Now we add listening to loud music to walking at night as potential invitations to getting killed, not ignoring the two young men's main crime - being black.
What cause do you most accept that Democrats as a party do not embrace - the environment, economic justice, free elections, gun control? It makes no difference, Democrats as a party are not there for you. There is some wiggle room, I suppose for both the jurors in the trials I refer to and the Democratic Party. Jurors are charged to apply laws as they exist at this time. They may not have approved of Michael Dunn's actions, but they might have felt he acted in some sense within a law of which they disapprove. Democrats may, in their hearts, want gun control, living wages, etc., but, I suspect, they believe that their own personal re-election is the most immediate issue, so that they can eventually support what their hearts say is right. It is this belief we must prove wrong.
The descent of this nation from Jimmy Carter's presidency to today is all the proof we need that the Democratic Party is as much the enemy of progress as the Republicans are the engine of destruction. Democrats actively worked for the defeat of Carter and thus, they worked for Reagan. Democrats were not blind-sided by Supreme Court decisions that are geared to make it ever more difficult for democracy to come to the USA. Republican think tanks signal their long-term goals. There are no surprises. Democrats were as timid as the American People were bold in 2008 and 2012. Obama's election was a watershed moment of Populist potential and Democrats let it go down the drain.
To hell with them. I feel strongly that only in the election of a President should we vote for a Democrat. In ALL other races I feel we must send a strong message - vote third party until Democrats wake up! It is for this reason I accept the seemingly inevitability of Hillary and for this reason I hope to God the Democrats of Texas reject Wendy Davis. No Democrat should cross the line. Gun rights cannot be expanded in the United States and Democrats simply cannot be given a successful candidate on that issue as a role model. Please, Texans, chastise Wendy Davis!

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