Saturday, February 1, 2014

Democrats are going to sell us out; they are not the answer to the Republican schemes

The Keystone Pipeline decision is not only an environmental issue. It will speak to the very nature of what America is, what we have become. The Guardian has this article on it.
The Keystone Pipeline depends upon the immoral perversion of the use of "imminent domain" as expanded by the Supreme Court decision in "Kelo v. City of New London." This decision opened the door to private property theft by government to benefit corporations - fascism. The Keystone Pipeline will be the wedge, a new Mason Dixon Line, that will lead to the fulfillment of Texas Governor Rick Perry's dream of a "mile-wide" zone of pipelines, power lines, highways, railways, etc. It will lead to a highly militarized zone between the east and west. And, Canada, it will be an ideal route for a northern invasion of your country. Why are you capitulating to the worst of U.S. style capitalism? Don't you want refining and shipping jobs?
You can read Salon's article on the United States Post Office here.
It is so pathetic. The arc of "privatization" (=taxation without representation) has been clear at least since the 1980s. Democrats have always been part of the problem; either they refuse to see what is before their eyes or they participate in the Republicans ongoing success story - tearing down our country and giving away what our tax dollars have bought. The postal union and others wait until the final crisis before making noise - a futile cry, a whimper. 
Democrats killed the Jimmy Carter presidency. Democrats failed to see that the election of Obama was a populist moment. And Democrats will fail us again and again. Republicans, at least, are easy to read. They are an open book. The Democratic Party and the people who depend upon them to "save us" wait until the situation is hopeless. At least my UPS drivers are consistently more polite than my local post office workers. Goodbye post office. Now watch as the buildings we the people paid for are sold for peanuts.

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