Friday, February 7, 2014

Wendy Davis' stance on gun control murders morality and common sense!

My God, that one-time, now has-been Texas politician Wendy Davis supports the open carry of guns as well as other expansions of "gun rights" in Texas (link)! Karl Rove was right, she's the "wrong gal" to run for governor of Texas, but for different reasons. Let me be one of the first to rain on her parade by saying things that do not reflect all my political/moral beliefs, but are solely aimed to wreck her her misbegotten campaign.
So, Wendy Davis supports abortion rights. She's okay with murdering babies. It's obvious. The ones that get born despite her clearly murderous intentions are now at increased risk of death by gun than if they had been born into a civilized country like Australia. If Wendy Davis truly believes in gun rights she won't back down when organizations (like maybe Move On?) lobby her to change her stance. If she is a political hack and changes this "gun rights" stuff she is the classic "ditzy blonde." Either way I hope she lands on the trash heap of Texas history. I hope she can't get elected dogcatcher.
Texas and the United States deserve wisdom enacted in a Constitutional manner, not just another idiot governor.
My parents (of the generation that fought WWII) and my grandparents would not support Texans walking around with guns. They lived hard lives and wanted a bit of gentility. This Wendy-wonder is not a true Texan. My parents and grandparents were.

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