Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pete Seeger Lives Here!

Pete Seeger recorded a series of records beginning in, I believe, the 1950s called American Favorite Ballads. Then in 1961 Oak Publications published a songbook by the same name. I recently recorded 18 of the songs at Elephonics Recording Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jesse Korman is the owner and engineer of this fine studio and he found Jared Putnam, a superb upright acoustic bass player to accompany me. I will be sharing some of these songs here and telling stories about them as I go.
American Favorite Ballads now available from Oak Archives, Music Sales America, distributed by Hal Leonard Corporation. I'm quite sure one could easily find a copy. ISBN 978-0-8256-0094-4
This wonderful book has been an instructor to me - some songs have chord structures I would never have guessed at, others are wonderfully simple learning songs with two chords. It has been a reminder of my childhood - I used to sing these songs in school. And it has been a comfort to me, something I've returned to over and over through the years.
We play it uptempo. I added some scat singing and repeats for fun.

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