Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The US is heading towards its own Ukraine/Russia-like crisis, only an all-American crisis!

Today, April 23, '14, I am updating this blog to include a link to a most powerful essay. I found it on truthdig. Chris Hedges is the author and "The Rhetoric of Violence" needs no further introduction from me. Please, read it here.
The state of Georgia in the United States has passed a "guns everywhere" law and the governor is expected to sign it into law any day. A provision of the law forbids entities within the state from banning guns anywhere - schools, churches, bars ...
I am unable to find how many "Oath Keeper" county sheriffs and other "law enforcement" personnel there are in the state. It's safe to assume there are many. The oath keepers pledge to refuse to enforce a wide range of laws relating to gun ownership, arsenals, survivalists predicting societal breakdown, etc. They openly state that they are going to "protect the Constitution" regardless of any order given by the federal government or, indeed, their own state's leaders. Absolutely no consequences are facing them from any level of governance within the US at this time. There are oath keepers within our military and National Guards as well. No effort to weed them out is under way.
A perfect storm is brewing within my country. Imagine a large armed group approaching the state offices of Georgia. It would be legal so no one would stop them. They could then seize the government while a potential battle erupts among law enforcement. If a right wing nut is in the White House, say Jeb Bush, perhaps the federal troops would not be called in on behalf of the people. An armed mob could stage a coup in the state. The coups could spread to other states with the propaganda arms of the religious right and Amerika's corporate media. The "Supreme Court," hell, I could easily see five of the nine making some kind of monarchical decree of legitimacy.
Far fetched? Are you willing to bet your life on it? Then be sure to include Georgia in your travel plans.
I have not traveled in Mexico for over a year now. I dearly love going there, the deeper into the country I go the more I love it. But I've read too many stories of violence and I don't risk it for now. A couple of years ago while driving around Austin, Texas I began to notice things that reminded me of Mexico - large numbers of beggars, people dressed in cheap clothes, a huge police presence, among other things. Now, I see these things everywhere I travel. My country is becoming poor and angry and armed. The political party called "the left" (ha!) is weak, disorganized, and is merely a group of people who believe that they, as individuals, are indispensable so they focus on whatever it takes to get elected - including attempts to accommodate anti-ObamaCare folks, gun nuts, and religious nuts.
I almost finished by saying there is no end in sight, but there is an end in sight. The United States is a derailed freight train and you and I, the entire world are in the way of the collision.

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  1. I'll bet my life on the right any day. This communist in the white house that we now enjoy is likely to cause a lot more trouble.