Monday, April 7, 2014

Sanctions, imprisonment, and the monster of Empire

It's interesting that the sanctions against Russia are selective while in the rest of the world sanctions are geared to punish entire populations! In America and all over the world, Americans are wrongfully punishing people while the majority of her citizens either don't care or think these innocents are guilty - if only guilty of negative feelings about the US.
I wonder when or if the tide will turn against the common American - the tourist no longer welcomed, people no longer saying, "I love Americans, but I hate their government." Because it is we, the common American, who sit on our asses while our government runs amok through the agencies of the CIA, the NSA, and all the other spying agencies, now shown to include the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The website homepage of the USAID reads -


USAID is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential.

Ask Cuba, eh?
The Empire is corrupt. The world gave President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize as a downpayment, not as a reward and he did not earn the prize, but who knows what he has done? Maybe he stopped an invasion of Iran, maybe he stopped WWIII -  for now. I still believe Obama is a tragic figure and living proof that no president can turn things around until Americans rise up en masse and elect a Congress worth their honorific jobs. The entire Republican Party is one of two things - insane or crazed manipulators. This has been obvious for so long that it's the shame of the Democratic Party not to have prevented the right wing takeover, but then it is the shame of us all that, at the end of WWII, we believed that we faced an even larger threat than that we had just defeated - and the buildup of the Military/Industrial/Secrecy Complex began in ernest through the agency of the true "Daddy  Bush" - Prescott Bush, the insane Howard Hughes, and other American fascists and crazies.
Now that Military/Industrial/Secrecy Complex has a strangle hold on us all and it has added another branch -  the Prison Complex. When will it end? How will it end? All I think is that it cannot end well. Too many turning points missed - Eisenhower, who was the only leader who had the cache to stop the Military/Industrial/Secrecy Complex but who chose only to name it and play golf, LBJ, the tragic figure who did not lead a withdrawal from Viet Nam, the election of Nixon, the failure of the Democratic Party to support Jimmy Carter leading to the election of Reagan, the kowtowing of Clinton to the Republican agenda, including the consolidation of a formerly vibrant American media into the disgusting corporate arm of  empire, Al Gore's refusal to call for the supremacy of democracy over the power of a monarchical "Supreme" Court, and ... the beat goes on.

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