Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Power Lounging in the Garden of Eden, part four

copyright by LBDunn,  2014
Two rafts floating down a smooth, somewhat fast, stretch of river, new rafts with four first-timers on board. On day one they had somehow managed to wrap a boulder right in the middle of the river with 20 yards of clearance on either side. On night one a gale had blown down their kitchen, leaving trash all over the beach. At the moment Seth was waving his arms at them one was studying a map, another making sandwiches, and the two oarsmen were looking down river. Seth was flabbergasted. Iris was embarrassed. “I am so sorry.”
“You know what?” Seth said. “Why don’t you stay after all?”
“The search parties.”
“Yeah, you’re going to be reported missing. I can’t think of any way to deal with that, but you know what?”
“ Search parties were looking for a cop killer and they didn’t find me here.”
“That guy who killed a policeman in Cortez?” Iris knew all about that. “You were already here then?”
“God, it’s like this place has some kind of spell over it.”
“It’s the Garden of Eden.”
“What about food?”
“We’ll both be alive in November. My friends will pick us up and, well, you’ve got to have some kind of story to cover yourself for what happened here. I mean a story about the missing time.”
“I guess.”
“I don’t have an answer for that. Not now anyway. Well, I need to show you everything. We’ll have to be discreet and careful, but I think we’re safe, you know it?”
“Yeah, I believe you. And I’ll pull my weight.”
Five months later Billy and Josh pulled up. Seth was waiting so they were relieved. “You fucking did it, man,” Billy said.
“Yep. I’d like you to meet my wife. Iris?”
And Iris stepped out, four months pregnant and radiant.

The end (for now)

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