Monday, May 26, 2014

When fascism comes to America ...

Jimmy Carter was the last Democratic President of the United States, in my 'humble' opinion. That he remains a maligned man in U.S. history, media, and politics is a function of the same political dynamics that continue today. The dynamics that have led to unprecedented drilling in the name of 'energy independence,' yet allow the sale of oil, gas, and coal to foreign nations, thus ensuring a sooner-rather-than-latter return to dependence on Middle Eastern oil. The dynamics that perpetuate news cycles wherein Obama, in particular, and liberal Democrats in general, are painted as unwilling to talk to and compromise with, a Republican party that states outright that all they want is the demise of true opposition.
Here is a link to the article that details the role of "Christians" in the death of decency in American politics.
This is a fascinating excerpt from Redeemer: The Life of Jimmy Carter by Randall Balmer.
For anyone interested in the stranglehold conservative "Christians" have on my country, I recommend the following sources:    
In this video you get a short rundown of the takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention, narrated by a leader of Texas Baptist Committed, the unfortunate name of a group of Texas churches which refuse the dictatorial leadership of the new Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the denomination President Carter once belonged to. Texas Baptists Committed believes in that quaint concept, the separation of church and state.
This is a link to about 100 pages of a summary of the SBC's takeover by conservatives with source material.
Why does all this matter? It paints a picture of the most powerful religious group in American politics and where their vast influence is taking us. It matters because these "Christians" and their ilk are the primary movers influencing such issues as the American gulag of private prisons, the ongoing pressure for the Military/Industrial/Secrecy/Prison Complex that is perfectly willing to rob us of civil liberty and, ultimately, will lead to the complete moral and financial bankruptcy of the United States. The SBC provides a framework of totalitarian control, and not simply of their churches, but also of complete submission to government control (whenever the male SBC leadership declares it). The members of the SBC are America's brownshirts - as in this quote attributed to Sinclair Lewis -
"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."
Yes, and armed with guns thanks to the National Rifle Association. 

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