Sunday, August 24, 2014

A model airplane is a hobby; a drone is an instrument of death

Warren G. Harding said "normalcy." No, no, no! The word is normality. Well, it was. Now it is accepted usage. Politically, I'm some kind of radical, but many of my views are very conservative. I don't think we should allow linguistic mistakes to replace legitimate words. Hell, even Sarah Palin has coined words and dictionaries rolled over for her.
Enough! The thing that pisses me off right now is the misuse of the word "drone." When I was a kid I mooned over model airplanes - the ones that you could fly. Since the sixties a lovely expansion of flying model plane models has occurred. There are still the gas-powered engines, but also CO2 and electric engines abound. There has been remote control for some time.
And now we get all these stories about drones. Amazon deliveries by drone. Paparazzi use of drones. What the hell? The misuse of model aircraft is one thing. The label "drone" is going to smear a lovely hobby with the patina of death. 


  1. Hi Burl Dunn,
    I am Marbeth Hill and Jessi Dunn is my daughter. I have just found your blog and not sure how to subscribe to it but I have saved the page... I wanted to let you know that Glen and I thought the world of your son and what he was to our Jessi... He was a very talented young man... and we were very proud to have him as our son-in-law... Thank you for loving Jessi... and making her a part of your family.

  2. Marbeth, thanks for you're nice comment. Jesse is easy to love. She treated Forest so well, providing him with such nice instruments and recording equipment! Jesse is remarkably talented and I always respected her decision to take the plunge with her artistic talents, obviously the right move as her success continues now in California. Go to for all my blogs. Be warned that I have "radical" political opinions. You might want to just search out the ones about Forest which are all recent.