Monday, August 11, 2014

We are the cannon fodder, the future collateral damage.

Hillary Clinton is campaigning against Barack Obama's foreign policy. I don't remember her ever campaigning against George W. Bush's foreign policy, do you? She wants more American involvement in the world! Yeah! I'm so tired of all this isolationism. Get those troops overseas poking at ever more hornet's nests. It's worked so well for usI realize lately that I am utterly at a loss, not for opinions, but for the will to express them. I can tune into the Colbert Report online and get my ironic dose of sanity. I can replay George Carlin on YouTube. What I can't get going is any sense of optimism. Of course, George was no optimist, but didn't we revel in his nihilism while still retaining our view that it was humor, not utter truth? I think it was utter truth and that's no joke.
You can't trust the Government, but there are still positive aspects of government. Many elements of our government do good work. There are counties and cities with progressive attitudes. There are agencies with positive agendas. but over all is the Military/Industrial/Secrecy/Prison Complex and neither Republicans or Democrats are motivated to tackle that. Well, they are that.
So, at age 64 I sort of feel I have other things to blog about. One thing is to get right with the Power of the Universe. Both heaven and hell exist within us; I want more of heaven right now. But don't worry, I'm not going to blog that. That's for living out.
It feels as though my generation is in its death throes so why the fuck don't the young rise up politically and kick our asses out?! Oh, well, we were the Baby Boomers, the vast army of the young and look how we changed things! Sexually, culturally, yeah. Pot and blow jobs are plentiful now. Politically? Too many of us went the Abby Hoffman route instead of the Martin Luther King route. Our generation's radicals provided the scare that helped take Nixon and his evil spawn (Reagan, Bushes, et. al.) over the top.
I can't think of too many countries that had a revolution before its people were in misery. (The United States was arguably one in 1776, but that's another blog.) The revolutions of 1989 certainly come to mind. The United States has still a long way to go before enough people are poor enough to realize that we have a common interest in overthrowing the status quo. The Democrats, as a national party, just argue about how to fuck with the world, not IF we should fuck with it. Ron Paul was a ray of light, but his heir Rand is waffling on what appears to be the BIG issue - the unblinking financing of Israel's military. Hell, we're not even paying the bill for our own wars, yet we rack up more debt to finance the Israeli hawks.
We back Saudi Arabia, the homeland of radical Islam, with God only knows what devastating future results. We just keep poking those hornet's nests. I truly believe that, just as our leaders tell us to go shopping when the economy is down, our leaders provoke war just to feed cash into the war economy. The vast industrial might of America has corporate-raided - you know bought by vast wealth so it can be dismantled into its component parts and sold to the highest bidder. And the highest bidder so far is Communist China! So nothing makes any sense anymore to me.
America is not about to rise up and throw off the corporate yoke. We're more likely to descend into gang-like warfare. Or, our public voices will be stifled by the ubiquitous presence of guns at our political rallies and voting stations.
See, I'm a curmudgeon, and if I can't be a great curmudgeon, what's the point? I think there might be hope in a political party, call it the Eisenhower Party, who appeal to common sense - bring back the tax rates that paid for WWII and built a great infrastructure, bring back the laws that oversaw a strong and diverse media presence - but then, I must admit one thing. The man who named the Military/Industrial Complex did not stop it. He did not name names. He may have been the last person who could have stopped it.
If I were rich enough I would move my family out of the US. I wonder, what did people think about those first Jews to flee Germany? Unpatriotic? But at some point the same action became smart. America is at that point. Some people will say I am disloyal, but I say look at the super-rich. They have taken their tax money outside of the "homeland," they have residences outside the "homeland," they could walk away from any disaster. That's the foundation of super-richness - we are above it all. 
They are above it all because they own the government. We are the cannon fodder, the future collateral damage.
Now, here is the point where I want to pontificate my solutions which I've already noted are pointless.
An exercise in futility.
You know what is not futile when you are 64? Going outside. Breathing deeply. Playing with grandkids and dogs (whichever are at hand). Pursuing that dream, no maybe not the get-rich-quick one that eluded you for 64 years, but the one that is spiritually rewarding. Don't spend your inheritance. Leave it to the young. The world was made for the young.

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