Monday, April 13, 2015

As homelessness grows - some help

Ever hear about the traveling toilet so ubiquitous in some African countries? A plastic bag. Tie the top and hurl it away. That's all most of us think of - get that stuff away from me. I am amazed that I have seen so few signs of outdoor defecation and urination. The homeless are actually doing something more than America's truck drivers. I've seen a lot of full bottles of urine tossed out by the roadside. Two solutions are appearing: portable toilets placed near areas where the homeless congregate (link here) and tiny public housing (link here).
Public Health is a concept that defies the capitalistic tendencies. In order to protect your family from disease you must provide some basic care to the needy. If you don't, their sickness can transfer to you. Is the United States going to bypass common sense until there is a public outcry? Then, are we going to take some kind of punitive action that costs far more than paying for simple human dignity?  

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