Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pregnant? We've got our eyes on you.

I've spent a lot of time in my life feeling that other people knew what I was doing or thinking. Yes, paranoia struck deep. The feeling didn't often change my behavior or thoughts, but it made me feel creepy when I smoked up. Yeah, most of my paranoia came because I've been a pot smoker for so much of my life and there were so many cops, so many types of cops even.
Now that I have a cell phone and computers and, thanks to Edward Snowden I know that other people can know what I am doing and thinking, I am mostly in a state of denial. I don't want to think that people actually are monitoring me. But they could and that's creepy.
Thank God I am not a woman. The arrest of Purvi Patel for neglect of a dependent and feticide puts woman in a new set of crosshairs. The crosshairs are going national. Pregnant women you are at risk. You are at risk because of what you might possibly do ... what you could do ... what you might be thinking of doing. You are a suspect because you are pregnant, just as I was a suspect because I might somewhere, somehow smoke a joint. You might somewhere, somehow offend a religious cultist who happens to be a cop or a prosecutor. You might have a miscarriage and that will open the door to investigation just as surely as if your breath smells like pot.
You are as guilty as the raped woman who was alone in a bar in a little black dress with high heels. You are asking for it. You asked for it by getting pregnant and America's Taliban are watching. That fetus belongs to America now. Sweet dreams.

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