Thursday, April 2, 2015

Compost, California.

I'd like to see California open the door to the wide use of composting toilets. Composting toilets could save more water than bans on green lawns. They could save more water than any other measure except agricultural reforms such as drip irrigation. Can you imagine ordering all California farmers to stop wasteful irrigation practices? Good luck. Those two measures would go a long way toward saving water, but hey, how about we pick one and go with it?
Even if you have no knowledge of composting toilets you should not be surprised to know that they are here and they work. It's the 21st century; we can do this.
I saw a demonstration of a homemade composting toilet made from heavy plastic garbage cans and by God it worked fine. The doctor who made it infused the first can in his system with a virus. (He had legal approval for his experiment). At the end of his simple three-can system the virus was dead and gone. Even a cheap composting toilet works! The end product, by the way, looked like dirt and did not smell.
Now this doctor built his own bathroom to house the cans and to have outside access to the works, but composting toilets can be easily made to fit into existing spaces and made to use existing vents. There could be services that deal with the dirt to reduce the "ick" factor, but if out of sight-out of mind means anything, composting is more aesthetic than flushing.
The money to fund the composting revolution could come from savings in city water projects and- get used to it- an increase in city water costs for heavy users - golf courses, private pools, not just Grandpa's patch of grass.

Hey California, legalize marijuana and put all the profits into contracting with state factories to make composting toilets to be installed in homes by certified workers in this new industry. Whoa! Jobs and water paid for by a pot tax.

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