Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bill Clinton's Syria comments are a precursor of a Hillary Presidency

Slate has an article about Bill Clinton and John McCain appearing together in a question and answer session. About Syria Bill said, "... Obama risks looking like a "total fool," a "wuss," and "lame" if he keeps the U.S. largely on the sidelines.
"You just think how lame you’d be… suppose I had let a million people, two million people be refugees out of Kosovo, a couple hundred thousand people die, and they say, ‘You could have stopped this by dropping a few bombs. Why didn’t you do it?’ And I say, ‘because the House of Representatives voted 75% against it?’" Clinton said. "You look like a total wuss, and you would be." (via DB)
"If you refuse to act and you cause a calamity, the one thing you cannot say when all the eggs have been broken is, ‘Oh my god, two years ago there was a poll that said 80 percent of you were against it.’ You look like a total fool," Clinton said. (DB)
Excuse me, I'm getting old, but is this man who implies that President Obama might look like a wuss and a total fool the same man who was President when the Hutus slaughtered their Tutsi neighbors in, oh what was it, oh yes the Rwandan Genocide. You know, that thing where ten-cent machetes and rocks and sticks were used to murder something close to a million people? Gosh, a president who just sat back and let something like that happen would be worse than a wuss, huh? Unless he was too busy getting blown under the desk to do anything. Now that would be understandable by the men of America. Apparently, the women, too, now. Is it the guy who pressured Haiti into buying cheaper American rice, wiping out Haitian self-sufficiency in its traditional food source? That guy was a total fool. Or worse. I take this as a salvo for Hillary's White House run. My God, she's going to run against Obama!  

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