Friday, June 28, 2013

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis' message will resonate with many female Texans

I was in Austin during the Solidarity With Wisconsin rally a couple of years ago. Due to what was either anti-rally staffers or a simple mess up, those of us who didn't get the word that the rally was one hour later had time to mill around, discuss, and argue with others. I noticed a big group of women in pink shirts gathering. When the Solidarity rally was just about to begin these spunky ladies came marching through chanting: "What does Democracy look like? This is what Democracy looks like." They made quite a noise and quite a sight. I remember the lady in a shirt with paw marks located over her breasts: "Keep your laws off my body!" it read. Another lady wore a vintage nurse's uniform and one of those little nurse hats and carried a sign: "How far backwards do you want to go?"
Rick Perry and others are using coded language to basically call State Senator Wendy Davis a slut. Ain't gonna work Ricky. You, and most if not all men, can't really understand the full range of reproductive and sexual rights woman want. Lots of women in Texas, even conservative high-hair types are quite likely to close that curtain on election day and vote blue. So, keep on talkin' Mr. Governor, just like you did in the Presidential primaries.
Democrats, please rise to the occasion. Quit being so timid. Take a lesson from Senator Davis.

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