Thursday, June 27, 2013

we've lost our minds in the USA

I have begun watching Al Jazeera online and it so reminds me of American TV news in the '60s. You might remember when Walter Cronkite, Huntley-Brinkley, and who-was-it on that new network (ABC) brought us 30 minutes of news every weeknight. Remember when Cronkite agonized over making an editorial comment suggesting that we had been lied to about progress in the Viet Nam War? Now we are stuck in this 24 hour nightmare of a news cycle and news departments overseen by entertainment divisions. And who is that lady who goes into hysterics all the time about Jodi Arias and other trials? Isn't that Paula Deen? And why is she in trouble with the Food Network? WTF!
Thirty minutes before President Obama makes a speech they're asking, "S'what do you think President Obama will say in tonight's speech?" Here's a thought - let's wait 30 minutes and hear it. Jesus Christ, my country has lost it's little pea brain. Hey, if we're lucky it will be under Princess Kate's mattress and we'll get it back!
I despair over the state of my country. From time to time I am reminded of something that was said or done 100 years ago and I'll think, oh yes, we were always crazy. But, the thing is, I spent my life thinking that America was getting better. Slowly, but surely. I was born in 1950, the year China invaded Tibet. My first political awareness was during the Nixon/Kennedy campaign of 1960. A family friend was explaining to my Dad that the Pope would be running America if Kennedy won.
I came home from school one day and heard Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech on TV. Then, that November, 1963, they killed Kennedy. I was still in junior high school when I wondered why that crucial Zapruder film of the assassination had been purchased by the Time/Life company and locked away. A news organization hiding the truth. Hmmmmm. I really was a small, serious child.
I graduated High School in 1968, but it was years before I learned that the weedy overgrown vacant lot that impaired the view of James Earl Ray as he allegedly peered through his rifle scope at Dr. King on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel was cleared the day after the assassination. All this reminds me of the rapid clean-up of the World Trade Center site. You know, I think after the JFK cover-up succeeded, "they" figured they could get away with anything. The lesson of Adolph Hitler - to tell a lie so big that no one would dare think someone would make it up - works well in the USA.
Remember the pallet of 100 dollar bills that went missing in Iraq? That was around 18 billion dollars. Twelve billion more was handled out like candy from a creep. I'd bet the company then known as Blackwater got the pallet if there were a way to prove it.
The USA has gone over the cliff. Lemmings to the sea.
I think about all the Jews who left Germany before 1938 and I wish I could remove everyone I love to a safe place. Maybe a country with zero petrol, zero coal, and zero natural gas might be safe. Because right now it's 1937. We are Berlin. Let's party.

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