Saturday, June 29, 2013

Southern Baptist Law, Sharia Law, it's 1937 - Let's Party!

I was in Amarillo, Texas in 1979 during the Conservative Resurgence - when the Southern Baptist Convention began its shakedown - insisting that every word in the Bible was inerrant and literal truth, purging professors from its seminaries who would not follow Baptist Law, etc. My parents had literally raised my sister and I with the help of Trinity Baptist Church. I was surprised to hear her say that Pastor Winfred Moore of Amarillo's First Baptist Church disagreed with many things happening with the Southern Baptist Convention. I was surprised and heartened that he would disagree with the Convention! Long story short -  for those of you who did not grow up going to a conservative church, those of you who think the secular nature of our culture would not allow Theocracy to occur - you are not in touch with the true nature of this country. The people who keep shouting about Sharia law as a threat to the U.S. - those are the people who would gladly lock you up when Southern Baptist Law completes its takeover. 
There is an intriguing except from a new novel called Christian Nation: a Novel by Frederic C. Rich here on Salon.

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