Monday, July 1, 2013

about the tragedy of Obama

If the U.S. had been hit by a terrorist attack perpetrated by Al Qaeda or another outside group we probably wouldn't have another Democratic president for a generation. He HAS kept America safe. The tragedy of Obama, to me, is that we couldn't give him a Democratic Congress to work with. The tragedy of the United States is that we focus too much on one office, one person - the President. Its like we are begging for a dictator and the Republicans will be glad to give us one. Maybe Jeb Bush. America's Secrecy industry was out of control for sure by 1963 when they aided the murder of the president who wanted to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds." JFK
Now we have for-profit private secrecy agencies. We don't even know the names of all of them. So I'm not jumping on the bandwagon of assuming Obama ordered or even knew that the NSA was spying on our closest allies. And if he did, you will never convince me that GW Bush or any other Republican wouldn't do worse. After all, they lied us into a war of aggression in Iraq and if the killing and maiming of innocent Iraqis AND innocent American soldiers doesn't rank as outright treason and, yes, American terrorism then whoop-de-do about about bugging Brussels.
It's not Obama who is out of control. It's the American Empire. That's us, folks. You and me. I think the CIA and the idea of perpetual world control is unsustainable. The American Secrecy Empire CREATES most of the very crises that our excellent military then goes out to fight against.
The American citizenry is full of contemptuous people who vilify EVERY other country, even our WWII allies. France pops to mind. The main sin of the French is that they insist on remaining French. The main sin of Russia in its actions towards America is the same thing. Don't tell me that Russia is more of an evil empire than is Communist China and WE finance that bunch just so corporations can have access to a huge pool of slave labor.
I'm glad this news is coming out and relieved that the covert action was taken against countries who we can't even pretend are terrorists. We're not going to go bomb Europe. Are we? Or they us? No, but they might not aid us in our on-going military efforts without more careful consideration of their own interests. The more these allies realize that the U.S. Secrecy Complex is not on their side the better. It's time for Americans to get off their high horse. Matthew 7:3 - "And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?"
We say we do these things because of "American interests" in the world. Yeah, the oil and other corporate interests. Why can't we take an interest in the problems within our own borders, our own hearts and minds?
George Carlin had a vulgar mouth, but a brilliant mind. He said something like, "If you're pre-born you are precious. If you're pre-school - fuck you." Got no "interest." Sequestered.
I wrote an American murder ballad, ostensibly about a poker game, but I very much had Quantanamo, secret prisons, rendition, and innocent people being punished on my mind. I'd be honored if you'd go here to this free website and hear "Fear the Man."

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