Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Democrats must learn from Republicans

The postponement of one of the Obamacare requirements (employer coverage) is further proof that, in America, there is only one party capable of long-term political planning and follow-through. It is the Republicans. They have not hidden their agenda. They have proclaimed since F. D. Roosevelt that they would roll back his policies and they are. The robbery of Social Security funds technically is "borrowing," but you never hear any politician talk about paying it back. The fight to declare money as speech has been an open fight for decades. Hell, a Republican even gave a speech (pre- 9/11) about how beneficial an attack against America in America would be to the spread of Republican values. The Democratic Party as it exists today will not roll back the Republican Reagan revolution. Dems, when you get a man like Obama in the White House, you need to back him up. I don't think the strides made in gay rights balance the continuing wrongs.
I think all Democrats believe that unless they personally get re-elected disaster will strike their party.  I only thought this truth held about the President. I felt like President Obama NEEDED to play certain issues the way he has. Like continuing the Afghan War. Like leaving Iraq in much the same manner Bush would have. Even like Guantanamo. Since Congress would not cooperate, his hands have been tied. I thought Obama had to play the middle-of-the-road game until he got a Congress who would play ball with him.
But now, I am ready for some tigers. I want candidates who stand right up and say this is what I will fight for and I will accept nothing less. I want men and women who take the stands they promise to take even if it leads to being a one term Congressman or President. Democrats have compromised all the way from the old New Deal to today's Corporate Fascism. Martin Luther King did indeed have a dream, but Democrats failed it. Republicans have a dream (nightmare) and they work together until they get it!

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