Wednesday, July 31, 2013

about Snowden and Manning

Private Manning is a tragic young man who wanted to do a good thing. Two tragedies: 1. He is irretrievably in the hands of the U.S. "Justice" system, just like the Guantanamo prisoners (most of whom are more innocent than he of the accused crimes)  - he's fucked; 2. He was too young to understand that most Americans don't give a s*** about the world. Killing a foreign journalist? Big deal.
Edward Snowden - now there's an issue that could be creatively addressed. My dream for Edward Snowden is that Russia and some MAJOR American ally work out an agreement. Like, Russia flies him aboard Air Putin, WITH Putin on board, to, say Germany. Angela Merkel meets the plane, and Germany hides him away in some pleasant village for life. And the entire European Union cheers. Now that should send a message!

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