Monday, January 27, 2014

Old-fashioned Populism is the all-American answer to defeat the Corporatist Two-Party System ruining the U.S.

Here is a link to It will open in a new window and I encourage you to read: SEEDS OF A MOVEMENT: A 21ST CENTURY POPULIST RENEWAL IS FLOURISHING AT AMERICA'S GRASSROOTS
So you thought Texas was full of yahoos? Think again. This man was elected Texas Commissioner of Agriculture in a state-wide election in 1982. Texas was a hotbed of the old populist movement and it was farmers who led the way against the railroad and banking interests. Jim Hightower is the living embodiment of an old Southern tradition.
Nothing convinces me more that the Democratic Party is not going to lead us out of our moral decline in this country than the fact that it was the Democrats who failed to recognize the populist revolution that elected President Obama. Back-stabbing Republicans were predictable. Back-stabbing Democrats are the enemy and I don't cry when they are defeated. 
I have not heard Democrats take a solid stand against the perverted use of eminent domain that must be if the Keystone Pipeline is to be built. I have not seen the Dems protect the innocent children of America from gun violence even though a simple, literal interpretation of the Constitution clearly indicates that regulation is allowed.
I've blogged on these issues before, so I'll end now, leaving you time for Jim Hightower.

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