Saturday, March 1, 2014

Edwin Lyngar's Salon article is a must-read.

Edwin Lyngar has an excellent article on Salon (here).  The story of his retired father hooked on Fox News reminds me a great deal of my father. It also gives me insight into the way I myself (age 63) am perceived by some young people, especially when I'm wearing my Stetson Rancher hat. When I was young I felt a part of a radical lefty generation. Now, I am more solidly left than ever (with a dose of Libertarian on some issues), but I look like ... well, you get it.
I would go a bit further than Mr. Lyngar. I think all mainstream U.S. networks exhibit a rightward tilt. Ever seen the international version of CNN? Wow, it's actually news! Am I the only person who noticed a distinct right turn made by NPR after the 2000 election? I am waiting for some NPR employee to blow the whistle.
The prevalence of opinions-instead-of-news, the lack of identification of where and when on photographs (even photo-shopped photos on "news" sites is brainwashing the young. I have most always lived in conservative states (Texas, Arizona) so I am not surrounded by the illusion of an evolving nation. It's not just the dying boomers, but we'll have to wait a while to see. Evolution on gay rights and pot are great, but where is the will among the young to take over? Please, start with the Democratic Party!

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