Thursday, March 13, 2014

the grass roots must be watered, the Military/Industrial/Secrecy/Prison Complex must be starved.

Ted Cup's editorial in the US edition of the Guardian states his belief that the CIA may face a formidable challenge in the US Senate. One can only hope. I believe that, given a world in which so many facts are utterly unavailable to the public, it makes sense to go with one's gut reactions. If one takes no stand until the facts are known then no stand will ever be taken. And a stand against the United State's spy network is long overdue. It has broken faith with the expressed ideals of the nation and the world. It has become the enemy of truth and freedom. It creates the very conditions it argues it must fight against!
I don't know yet what to think of President Obama's reaction. Just because he is letting the disagreement between Senate overseers and the CIA stew in their own juices for now does not mean he will not take the right stand in the end. The right stand, in my mind however,  goes well beyond slapping the CIA for lying to and intimidation of the Senate. There are, no doubt, existing spy agencies within our government that the public does not even know about. Hell, there are likely to be PRIVATE outsourced spy agencies with no oversight at all. In this sick age of privatization, our government allowed the company-formerly-known-as-Blackwater to run a private army. The nation that set up protocols and rules of behavior after WWII has blatantly thumbed its nose at the entire world. WE can do anything WE want and we'll rub your nose in it after.
I fear their is no evil the US government could do that will rouse the People to righteous indignation. I fear we are all too scared of losing our jobs, of being painted as unAmerican. We let the Supreme Court elect a President, to allow billionaires to spread propaganda. We are allowing states to gerrymander and change election laws in ways that will make it impossible for the People to change the government through the electoral process. We won't even stand en masse to demand rational, Constitutional gun laws. And now Democrats are using the open carry of guns as an issue to try to win over a few nuts to their side!
My gut reaction? WE THE PEOPLE have surrendered our government to the Military/Industrial/Secrecy/Prison Complex. Who we elect no longer matters. The Complex is entrenched. No one person, such as a new Martin Luther King, could survive long enough to rally us. Somehow there must be a nonviolent uprising of hundreds and then thousands and then tens of thousands of Americans. How? Well, all I know is that I will begin my search for a group to join- a local group with whom I personally interact. The internet will not save us. Sitting back and watching the show will not save us. I once participated in an action in which young liberals took control of the Alaskan Democratic Party. Grass roots.
Pete Seeger said, "Find a place you love and dig in." I love my country. Let us all begin by expressing our views whenever we hear contrary views expressed, at work, at church, in schools. The right speaks out loud, but the left just thinks to themselves. The right organizes, the left merely votes.

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