Monday, March 17, 2014

NPR took a rightward turn in 2000 - watch what you say!

I am frustrated by the ongoing bias among "liberals" that National Public Radio, NPR, is a fair voice, even a liberal voice, in the US media. I began to notice a right-wing bias in NPR's reporting during the Bush v Gore Supreme Court Decision. And it goes on daily. When will a longterm employee of NPR speak out?
It would help if there were articles like Owen Jones' analysis of what is happening with the BBC, here on the Guardian/UK website. His analysis of conservative attacks on the BBC perfectly mirrors what happened to NPR. The tactics that have worked for American conservatives are exported worldwide. Even ultra-right electoral gurus find work abroad, but the UK right-wing attack on journalism needs no outside help. The Tories understand the tactic of defining the debate, of controlling the "facts" of the debate. As the right shifts they pull the left along until the center cannot hold.

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