Monday, March 3, 2014

Rand Paul makes sense on the Ukrainian crisis.

Rand Paul strikes me as an opportunist compared with his rock-solid father Ron. So, I searched for an article about son Rand's stance on the Ukraine, and, by God, he takes a peaceful stance!  This Washington Post article shows a Rand Paul very much in tune with Libertarian "peacenik" views.
On the other hand is that loose cannon Ted Cruz who was very much supported by the Pauls in his election in Texas. Here is Mr. Cruz laying out a strategy that could actually end up being the sanctions-but-no-troops approach that Democrats might take.
And then there are the sad John McCain and others of his ilk. They would probably push us to the brink of nuclear war and be happy about it.
I think the entire United States foreign policy can be summed up by the US saying, "Don't you dare do as we have done. Do as we say."
We are willing to intervene and spill our treasure, money and blood, over any issue that involves big players. We tell Iran 'you can't have the bomb,' but we don't act for the benefit of the Korean peninsula. Does South Korea have to get nuked before we act? Is there no humanitarian feeling for the North Korean population? We stand against Russian aggression, but we did nothing to prevent the Tutsi slaughter in Rwanda by Hutus armed with machetes. 

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