Thursday, August 1, 2013

about WWII allies

Thank you, Russia. And thank you Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua for offering asylum to Snowden. Considering the history of the U.S. in South America it showed amazing courage. Courage beyond the call of duty, indeed.
Since, officially or not, Russia and all of the former Soviet Union are on the list Bush called "the Evil Empire" I would have preferred my EU fantasy to come true.
It seems to me that the Military/Industrial/Secrecy/Prison Complex that truly rules America grew for the purpose of making fortunes immediately following WWII. Now they can't even honor the alliance that won WWII with the U.S.
Of what Franklin Roosevelt called "The Big Three" WWII allies (USSR, U.S., Great Britain) the sacrifice of the Soviet Union was not acknowledged by the people of the U.S. Indeed they became the first enemy of the now eternal quest for enemies America needs to justify the eternal expansion of military power.
Another ally, France has become the butt of jokes and even hatred in recent years by American politicians.
China was once called by Roosevelt one of the world's needed "Four Policemen" (before Mao) along with the Big Three. Well, of the four (U.S., USSR, Great Britain, and China) China (internally) is a dictatorship. The U.S. is a prison Empire. The USSR is no more. What exists is a group of countries whose developments  unfortunately were distorted by the U.S. and are considered more or less evil according to how much they cooperate with America's sick "Complex."
That leaves Great Britain. Expanding beyond Great Britain is the entire EU and all of Central and South America. I would like to see this group ban together to oppose the worst excesses of the Empire. I know it is the American People who should fix America, our fight, our fault, etc., but don't bet on it.
So I hope the entire world applauds Russia's action and works through its diplomatic abilities to protect those countries which take stands against the cancer of our Military/Industrial/Secrecy/Prison Complex. The little but brave countries need some help.
As for Russia. They can take it. WWII proved that. But the impact of a group of major allies upon thinking Americans (we do exist) and thinking politicians might work wonders!

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