Wednesday, August 28, 2013

about my little blogosphere and my "explicit" lyrics

Somewhat sadly, the stats page of Google blog shows my highest one day readership was 50 on August 21st. I know better (now) to begin a blog with a sentence like that. It'll end up on a search page. You think I care? Well, not about this post.
I don't know why because I didn't post that day. I'd like to crack 100 readers routinely, but the thing that keeps me at it is the interesting countries where I have had readers: U.S, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, South Korea, Poland, China, Indonesia, and Israel! (Oh, Canada where are you?)
On Jango Radio 420 people from all over the world have pressed the "fan" button and out of the countries listed above the highest number are in Israel. Very interesting. I love it - fans in the Philippines and Singapore and many other places!
When I listed my albums on CD Baby I had to list my lyrics as clean or explicit. Well, I used to be a teacher. Cannabis is not for kids so all but one of my "explicit" songs are listed that way because of some kind of reference to marijuana. They are hardly dirty songs and I imagine I could easily have called them "clean" with no problem. If you look at my downloads and CD order page on Amazon you can see the regretful results. You'd think I was doing porn! The song "Fear the Man" contains the word "fuck" many times because it's in the refrain: "Fear the Man who don't give a fuck." Rhyming with "bet your last buck." It's part of the album Contrary and I very much had U.S. foreign policy on my mind as well as how the song works into the story of the innocent man in the song cycle.
Now you know.
(Hours later ....) Good God, on the blog above I finished the intro "Burl Dunn Thinks ...) with "Actually, I knows I'd love to shake the hand of of Jimmy Carter." And I can't edit the "share" - it's like an email sent.

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