Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Marwan Bishara rocks on al jazeera's show "Empire

I just watched an episode of Empire on al jazeera. Wow. Where was the snark we see constantly in the U.S. media? Where was the obvious political bias of the host? Where were the stupid politicians spewing think tank truisms. Where was the obvious attempt to hide, evade, shape public opinion, and lie?
The episode was about Latin America. Anytime they turned to the war on drugs I waited to hear some expression referring to how the military training and weaponry provided to Latin American regimes over the years has provided governments with the implements of a war it could use on its own people. And Marwan Bishara did! He asked if the war on drugs was a "Trojan Horse."
I, for one, wonder at the genius of Nixon and his henchmen in declaring a "war on drugs." Here was a way to get around the horrid legacy of CIA sponsored coups AND to disenfranchise Americans, especially the dreaded youth and minority vote.
I have just been made more intelligent by not only the material discussed, but by seeing an example of how reasonable people interact. You don't get this on American news shows. Everything American news networks do is based upon making money and propagandizing for the Military/Industria/Secrecy/Prison Complex. American children don't have on television a role model to teach debate and questioning skills. I believe the loss of reasoned debate in America, both in Congress and on television will ALONE undermine all educational reforms.

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