Monday, August 12, 2013

free lyrics with chords and free mp3 for "I Never Waltzed With You"

I wrote "I Never Waltzed With You" in 2011 before my first musical trip to Texas. My wife loved it from the start and when I came back with the master she and I spontaneously danced to it. It was her first hearing of Big John Mills on that big-sounding acoustic guitar. It's a simple waltz with an old-timey sound (I've been told by a young Texan in Amarillo).
I enjoyed the transition from the key of G to A right before Big John's solo.
I have the mp3 and lyrics with chords up for a short time for free here on Dropbox.
I would love it if bands all over the world played this song! Don't worry about copyrights and legal stuff. If you want to record it for sale or use it in a soundtrack just contact me or CD Baby. The song is published by CD Baby, and I am associated with BMI, but there are no worries about live performance by local dance bands. Play it, play it! I hope people dance to it everywhere!
Soon I will take down the free mp3, but leave the lyrics and chords up.
I'd love for you to buy "Texas Dance Songs" from your favorite download spot and request my songs on your favorite internet radio station.

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